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  The competition between business cultures is the foremost competition in current age Persisting to our principles that” Reward society with our created values”, “your satisfaction is my goal” and “to be a pioneer with compromise”, the staff of Datong is struggled to establish a united and aggressive enterprise.
   Datong is not only an enterprise but also a cause of pursuit. With our towing and practice ambition, the staff of Gold Moon is devoted to the untiring effort toward the transfer from knowledge management to innovative management, while keeping stick to our culture which will drive Gold Moon to the prosperous future.   

Core Philosophy: Reward society with our created values
Enterprise Consciousness: Devoted to the industry and clients; Innovative and effective
Style of Work: Vigorous and resolute
Enterprise Creed: Assiduous, prudent and humble
Team Spirit: Unity is strength
Development Strategy: Pursuit excellence in a leading step
Talent Notion: Those capable are talents while those innovative are even better
Operation Tenet: To satisfy our client’s current demands and foresee the future ones
Quality Aim: To be high-standard, high-stability, defect-free and pity-free
Market Principle: To seek behind the market and lead it by innovative products
Development Notion: A good enterprise should be long development rather than flashing in the pan.
Service Notion: Only take orders with certainty and struggle to do the best work.
Service Tenet: Our clients are of greatest significance to us!
Service Commitment: To provide clients with some fresh experience of convenience.

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